The authentic replicas of the Nagyszentmiklós-Treasure
August 19 – December 31 2019.

The initial idea of this exhibition was to reveal the public the copies of the uniquely rich cookware set, lurked in the storage house in Szeged for a long time. Besides displaying the collection, which is eye-catching of its own, we would like to put the exhibition to a wider horizon through theories existing for 200 years, goldsmith’s art and other curiosities apropos of the treasure. Our purpose is to give insight into the extraordinarily exhaustive and diversified profession of archaeologists, furthermore, into methods the experts are using for “investigating” the troves. The origin of the treasure and the identity of the owner are still not known. Out of the theories, we have displayed that of the Academy emphasizing the Avars’ archaeological troves as well as we also present the conquering Hungarians' records. Studying both periods' backgrounds, the visitors themselves will be able to get insight into the complexity of the theme.
The exhibition is comprised of three main layers. The first one is the physical presentation of objects, especially for those, who like classical archaeological expositions. We recommend the second layer for those who have interest in the tiny details of archaeology, by means of QR- codes they will be able to find a virtual glossary. The third layer is formed with a cultural and anthropological approach to a wider perspective, which can be read on the “did you know…?” boards.