Jesuits in Transylvania.

"Omnia ad maiorem Dei gloriam! For the greater glory of God!" was the motto of the Society of Jesus for five centuries. In 1521, in the castle of Loyola, nestled among the rugged Basque mountains, a young nobleman, Iñigo Lopez, wounded in battle, offered his life to God after a long spiritual struggle. His conversion not only marked a turning point in his own life but also set him on the path that led to the founding of the Jesuit order in 1540. The Society, which presents Jesus Christ as a model to follow, differentiated itself from traditional monastic orders in many ways. By accepting the perpetual obedience to the Holy Father, they launched missions around the world, established schools and hospitals, cared for and educated the poor and the rich, Christians and non-Christians alike. The Society of Jesus was present in Transylvania from the late 16th century, with interruptions, enriching the Hungarian intellectual heritage. In 1593, in our town, Odorheiu Secuiesc, a high school was founded (the predecessor of today's Tamási Áron High School), and later, in the 17th century, a monastery. However, the extensive activities and results of the order go beyond the ecclesiastical framework. Over the centuries, they conducted scientific, cultural, and humanitarian activities that are now part of the common intellectual and material heritage of humanity.