Brickenburg Structores in Terra Siculorum

Diebus LEGO® Hobby
23.06. – 12.08.2018.

Brickenburg Association (started in 2008 and based as NPO since 2009 in Cluj-Napoca, Transilvania, Romania ) comes forward as an independent group with humanitarian goals and it is based on the following principles:

  • Mutual respect and common effort among members centering on developing an educated and equitable community
  • Following pre-established rules and fulfilling the pre-taken engagements
  • No involvement in any political or religious activities or any activities that promote fanatism and violence
  • Thorough knowledge of the members of association , which imply reliance and common effort
  • Real implication of all members of the association in solving problems related to touching its goals
  • Establishing contact and collaboration with different partners who agree on following the guiding principles of the association.

Our main area of interest is oriented towards a fair perception of the LEGO Hobby in Romania and in the countries abroad. It includes creating a different public perception of LEGO as an educative and cultural toy which can bring joy to generations of players through good quality and possibilities it offers.
In order to fulfill such a leading purpose our RLUG gets on organizing exhibitions – centered mainly on town/city, trains, fantasy and space themes. In the same respect we put our energy into raising up interest for and supporting, coordinating communities in an organized frame – by collaborating with different humanitarian associations or independent groups - by encouraging them to join in with group works in our exhibitions, by presenting them to the public.
Brickenburg Association is a Recognized LEGO® User Group of the highest level (Regionaly/Globaly importance ) and is represented at the Ambassador level.