For Schools

Educational Activities in the Museum

 Interactive tours

Class of Museology: in its content is closely related to school material (history, history of art, physics, chemistry, biology, natural science, mathematics etc.), applying its viewpoints in the analysis of the material from the museum.

• Question and answer: the dialogue, the formulating of questions is bilateral, the pedagogue as well as the visitor can ask questions and give answers. During the dialogue we lead the visitor, as our equal partner, to discover facts and relations by his own.

• Museum worksheet: featuring different tasks (with pictures, demanding drawing and play), urging the participant to discover individual knowledge.


Handcraft activities

It is related to the topic of the current exhibition

• Museum activity regarding the elaboration of one topic or another, multilateral by content, while methodologically is based on the activity and creativity of the child, in which the manufacturing of objects (historical, ethnographic or artistic approach), roleplay, situation and dramatic play have an outstanding role, assuring the experience of emotional-mental empathy.

Through their own creation and work the children will form their own artistic view (visual education).