The „Haáz Rezső” Museum has moved to a new location

(Haberstumpf cottage, Bethlenfalvi Street, no. 2–6)

A székelyudvarhelyi Haáz Rezső Múzeum életében igen fontos mérföldkőnek számít a több mint két évtizede húzódó székhely nélküli állapot megszűnése azáltal, hogy egy reprezentatív és korszerű infrastruktúrával rendelkező ingatlanba költözhetett.

It was a big milestone in the „Haáz Rezső” museum’s history the moment when it could move into an imposing building with modern infrastructure after almost twenty years of lack of an official seat.

The new seat of our institution, the Haberstumpf cottage situated in Bethlenfalvi út no. 2–6, was built in 1900 and it was used by the Haberstumpf family as a summer cottage. Its style differs from the style of other buildings in the town, it reflects the german eclecticism. More buildings in Odorheiu Secuiesc and in the area can be connected to the architect, developer and resident of this cottage, Károly Haberstumpf. Both sons of the family died in the first World War in Poland and they were buried there. The building nationalized in 1948 was transformed into a county TB sanatorium and behind it (in the place of the blocks of flats) there was a park with trees, walkways and agricultural buildings. To express their gratitude in 1955 the patients of the sanatorium set up a „Székely” gate in front of the building that can be still visited in the museum of „Székely” gates at Seiche. From 1969 till 1982 August this building functioned as a maternity hospital. In the eighties the building was transformed into a school and it was used till the end of the nineties. As there was an acrimonious lawsuit of long standing between the successors of Károly Haberstumpf’s wife, the empty building became deteriorated and it was also inhabited by homless people. 

In the summer of 2012 the Mayor’s Office in Odorheiu Secuiesc bought the Haberstumpf cottage in order to solve the problems of the museum regarding its seat and considering its future professional goals. When the plans were ready, people started to transform the building into the new seat of the museum. We are glad that the building has been renovated and we managed to inaugurate it.