( Polonița )

The memorial room of the biggest Szekler, Balázs Orbán, was completed, and it was inaugurated within a festive event on Saturday, at noon, in Polonița. After the religious mass celebrated by archdeacon István Hajdó, the public gathered for the celebration of the memorial room went to the “castle” of baron Balázs Orbán, where councillor Domokos Bálint held his speech, outlining the merits of the local council, the locals, respectively of Jenő Zepeczaner, the director of Haáz Rezső Museum from Odorheiu Secuiesc, in the realization of this memorial room. In the former Orbán mansion, we can find today a functioning school and kindergarten, and in one of its rooms a permanent exhibition was set in memory of Balázs Orbán. In his speech, parliamentarian Ferenc Asztalos drew our attention on the need of a constant solidarity, which is an actual issue within the present political situation. “It is very important to remember Balázs Orbán, because he is one of our greatest personalities, whose life course, humanity and affection to homeland can stand for an example for us all, helping us not to err, but to follow the right course.” Historian Zsolt Gyarmati, the director of the Szekler Museum from Miercurea Ciuc, held his speech on the necessity and importance of this memorial room, respectively on the role that it might have in tourism. Jenő Zepeczaner, as the one who made this room, who furnished it, presented the whole exhibition to the public, revealing the life course of Balázs Orbán, exposing his works and also copies of some that it was written on him, along with other interesting documents. The memorial room was blessed and sanctified by archdeacon István Hajdó.

Bence Bágyi. Udvarhelyi Híradó, October 9. 2006.