The pictorial quintessence of one and a half decade

September 7 – October 8, 2017.

A land can never be fully discoverable. Not even when we wake up in the morning and watch, its tramp fields, paths, its winding streets of the little villages until the condensing twilight, as the photographers did it. In their photos can’t be everything represented, it wasn’t their purposes, either. At the shooting moment their recorded a well–chosen sight. In the photos the specific, unique, usual and special can be seen too. It can be seen bathing horse, minutes of rest, the cheerful farmer and tired people, hard-working children, sunlit houses, shady attic, feast- and weekday, smile and sorrow. Some pictorial representation of the village and county selected by Ödön Balázs, which take the eternity and change. Whenever we look at this album, the evanescent moments become minutes, then years, and the faces, situations are more and more familiar.

The new millennium has already flown away and we can roam in the first and half decades. The photographers trapped time and they did it with good sense, because at the exhibition’s opening, their photographs won the wonder of people living here and moreover brought much success on professional competitions. Is there any secret here? Maybe there isn’t. Just patience, empathy, and opened eyes.

Landscapes from Harghita County and beyond its country borders they made their records which can be seen by the inquirers. These photographers know the mud and dust of roads, church piety, flower garden scent, a little valley silence and can remember the minutes of the solitude and the cheerful talks.

How this kind of experience can be measured, the seeing and picturing talent? We are thankful for our photographers, that this country, its natural beauties, constantly changing lifestyle and people living on a hard work were made more known in public.